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Mindset reset transformation system


My unique approach utilizes specialized mindset assessment tools and biblical principles to develop greater self-awareness and deliver “a-ha” moments that lead to self-discovery, improved productivity, reduced stress, and develop and maintain a positive mental attitude

As your Mindset Coach, I will serve as your trusted Advisor and Accountability partner
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This coaching model allows the participant to work with a trusted advisor who cares about their growth. 


This individualized coaching approach utilizes self-exploration to develop a strategic plan to master the skills necessary to help you achieve your goals.  Additional, benefits include:

  • Empowers individuals

  • Increases employee engagement

  • Improves individual performance

  • A deeper level of learning

  • Higher employee commitment



Group Coacing Engagment Model.jpg

Voices of Encourage leverages the cohort group coaching model. Essentially, the participants begin the group coaching program on the same start date. With the cohort model, the participants will embark on a shared experience and collectively “graduate” from the program.

 This model includes a principal coach and associate coach supporting the participants, there are break-out sessions to form smaller groups within the cohort. Our impactful group coaching helps to propel leaders, solidify teams, create a better culture, and contribute to overall organizational success. 


The additional benefits of using the Cohort Group Coaching Model are as follows:

  • ·Greater sense of accountability and shared experience 

  • ·Often a more high-touch experience where participants get a deeper level of support. 

  • ·The ability to build a strong alumni community

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