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Denise Lewis

I had the opportunity to be coached by Ms. Edna on her 90-Day Coaching Program. Ms. Edna helped me to gain clarify in areas of my life where I was complacent. As a result of the program, I have made the necessary adjustments, and now I have incorporated daily gratitudes and positive affirmations in my life. Thank you, Ms. Edna for your commitment to my goals and achievements. You are a great motivator and an encourager. I am truly blessed to have worked with you. Thank you for your dedication, guidance, and inspiration.


Shameka Jordan

I have known Edna for many years and currently worked with her at VOE. I am currently utilizing her coaching services. If you're looking to be motivated, inspired, encouraged, and pushed, Edna Howard is the one! If you're looking for guidance, direction, and accountability, Edna Howard is the one! She is a phenomenal Empowerment Coach!


Amber Clark

Her empowerment coaching is genuine, tailored to each client’s needs and lasting. With her guidance, I have created more joy, gratitude, and cultivated a stronger growth mindset. She has helped me build a new path for myself with confidence and competence. I highly recommend Edna as the coach to help you get unstuck, make a shift in perspective and gain more clarity.


Karla LaCount

I wasn't sure what to expect from the PAC workshop but I did know enough about VOE and its founder, Edna Howard, that the workshop would definitely be an investment in myself.  During this Covid 19 pandemic, I had to make self-care intentional.  Part of my self care plan is taking care of myself emotionally.  The PAC workshop gave me easy to use tools for my emotional health!  I was able to reflect on the principles of Perspective, Attitude and Choice and how they influence every aspect of my life.  What I liked most about the workshop was the intimacy of the dialog.  It was a safe place to share with the other attendees.  This is a workshop for women of all ages and backgrounds.  It also makes a great gift idea!


Kim Lynch

Edna worked with me as a life coach for about 3 months. I was feeling real “stuck” in my professional life, especially with all the changes brought on by COVID and my kids being home from school. On a practical level, Edna helped me to manage my time more efficiently, providing me with much needed structure during the day. More importantly, however, Edna taught me how to build up the SKILL of confidence and move forward with my professional goals and dreams. She helped me create a vision board, and every day I see it and am reminded of my goals and my WHY. Working with her was invaluable! Edna will be your biggest cheerleader and help you see the abundance of opportunities in your life!